Udny & Pitmedden Church Prayer Diary

From The Northumbria Community

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The Northumbria Community is an organisation based on a new version of monasticism. From their version of the traditional monastic Office we can get prayers for different times of the day, meditations, scripture readings and prayers for others.

Remember to pray for our ministry team-Gillean, Euan, Vicky, our elders and activity leaders, and Fiona Lister
Please pray for the young people in the area and for the Formartine Youth Partnership, as Euan takes over from Claire.
War and disease in places like Syria, Gaza and Yemen cause so much suffering. Others are displaced and living in appalling conditions, like the Rohingya people. There is a fresh outbreak of Ebola virus in the Congo, and erupting volcanos in Guatemala and Hawaii. Pray for aid agencies and local organisations trying to bring relief and help to people in extreme distress
Pray for diplomats, politicians and leaders as they seek peace and justice for all
Remember to pray for the people of Indonesia and Haiti after the recent earthquakes, tsunami and mudslides. Pray for the aid agencies and their workers as they try to bring relief and comfort to those affected by these natural disasters.
Life can be a struggle for many people-those living alone or recently bereaved, those facing an uncertain financial future or illness.
Pray for opportunities to build relationships with those you come into contact with who need a kind word or a helping hand Give thanks for the peace and blessings we enjoy and remember to let Gillean know-via the Pastoral Care Team information cards-of any concerns, prayer or visitation requests