Elders' Rota for May - August 2018

	May		6th	Udny Green	10am		M Milne		A Walker
			13th	Pitmedden	10am		A Grant		R Burnett
			20th	Pitmedden	10am		H Black		Colin Marr
			27th	Pitmedden	10am		J Sleigh		K Moore
June 3rd Udny Green M Weeds A Rae 10th Pitmedden A Burslem S Burslem 17th Pitmedden A Barclay E Barclay 24th Pitmedden A Marr J Moncur July 1st Udny Green G Entwistle F Entwistle 8th Pitmedden A Smith G Moore 15th Pitmedden C Black Carol Marr 22nd Pitmedden M Gray A Bruce 29th Pitmedden A Goar Pam Marr August 5th Udny Green K Moore R Burnett 12th Pitmedden J Sleigh A Walker 19th Pitmedden Colin Marr M Milne 26th Pitmedden A Grant H Black

Please be at the church door 15 minutes before the start of the service.
If you are unable to carry out your duty would you please arrange a swop and let Gillean and Les Moffat know.
Thank you.