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Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of Scotland

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How quickly the summer seems to go in! I'm alarmed to note that the trees outside my office window are already beginning to change colour. What seemed like the promise of many weeks to catch up on all the things that have been left undone during the winter months, has come to an end with the filing cabinet untouched and the tax return still not started!

Although I can't be described as a YouTuber and Blogger (as someone was recently on TV, incidentally is that a job?) I do occasionally look at some of the things that go (as they say) viral just to see what's going on in the collective mind. I just loved and felt inspired by the US Admiral who exhorted everyone to start their day small by simply making their bed. He went on to describe how if we begin by taking care of the small things in life then we will also take care of the big things. That, he says, will logically follow. If we start by making our bed, then we will move on to the next task with a sense of achievement and so on through the day and if the day doesn't go well then at least we come home to a made bed...One that we made ourselves.

It's such a simple idea and so logical, so why has it taken the nation's Internetters by storm? Everyone's Granny could be credited with similar if not identical statements and yet our young people are following this man and his book is heading for the best sellers list at great speed! Well, it's not so much about what he said it's more about who said it and the way he said it.

Here is a man who has trained as a Navy Seal with all the tough challenges that that brings. He comes with some gravitas to the task of offering advice. (To say nothing of the crisp white uniform and the chiselled good looks!) Nobody's Granny can really compete! Admiral McRaven has been there. He's seen what it was like. He's lived a successful life and is now able to say with absolute authority what others need to do to emulate his success. It's true we take much more notice of people that we know have walked the walk and not just talked the talk. For me that brings Granny back into the picture. Most grannies have been or seen most things in their long livesand are qualified to offer advice based on their experience. Advice that we would do well to consider carefully.

But the ultimate in life experience was surely lived by Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can say he died and lived to tell the tale and his book is still on the bestseller list for perfectly good reasons. Pick it up sometime and have a read.