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Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of Scotland

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Minister's Letter

Dear Friends,


The season of mellow fruitfulness has passed and as I write this we are fog bound. The November air is damp and the nights are getting longer and colder. In the darkness the geese are flying lower than ever and sometimes the noise of their calls keep even the soundest sleeper awake. Autumn is nearly over and winter is just around the corner. Itís the time of year when we long to be inside by the fire, when we look forward to comfort food and warm comfortable beds. Itís time to look forward too, to the brightness of Christmas, the lights and the fun and time spent with friends and family.

Itís easy to see on cold, damp, dark evenings why there has always been a mid- winter festival. From earliest times people needed that break in the midst of the darkest months of the year. They had to remind themselves of the light that they had lost and hoped they would see again before too long. Blazing Yuletide logs, trees dressed with lights and shining gifts and decorations. Good food together with family and friends gathered around helped to mark the middle of winter and shone some hope into the darkness, reminding them all that spring would surely arrive in due time. It was no mistake that the Christian Church took ownership of this season of light to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace and the King of light and love, Jesus Christ.

Most of us love it all, apart from the odd Scrooge-like humbug who has it in for the rest of us just for daring to enjoy ourselves. Well, thatís not strictly true is it? What about those whoíve lost loved ones? Those who will pass their first Christmas without a much missed child or partner or parent. And in this present climate of job losses and austerity for some, how does it feel not to be able to afford to give those you love all the nice things that they are used to? To say nothing of the tragic scenes on our television screens showing desperate refugees braving danger and death to escape to a better life.

So yes, letís look forward to sharing the bright lights of mid-winter and Christmas with those we love and letís be grateful for the peace and security of this beautiful part of the world we live in. But in our joy and in our delight at all this season can bring, may we not forget to share some of that light with those who are fighting their way through dark times.


Your friendand minister