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Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of Scotland

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Youth for Christ
Youth for Christ

Udny Green Parish ChurchUdny and Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of ScotlandPitmedden Parish Church


Udny & Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of ScotlandWelcome! to Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church, a Church of Scotland congregation. Our churches are based at Udny Green and Pitmedden in the north-east of Scotland, in Godís beautiful countryside 20 minutes drive from the city of Aberdeen. We would love to have you join us for church this weekend. On these pages you can find more information about our services, events, and our organisations. We do hope you find this website a friendly & personal introduction to our parish, however we do realise that this is just a website and the best way to get to know us is to come along this weekend. We promise you a very warm welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.


Join us this Sunday

1st Sunday of the month at Udny Green at 10.00 am

All other Sundays - Pitmedden Church at 10.00 am

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The telephone number of the Manse has changed so please visit the Contact Us page for the new number if you want to phone the Minister.


Daily Bible Verse



Prayers for the Third Week of Lent.


Lord God give us the grace to hear your word to us so that we will see clearly and not miss your presence among us. Deliver us from the blindness that prevents us from seeing the face of Jesus and replaces it with something more attractive to our preferred priorities. Amen

How terrible for us

When we ignore the presence of strangers

How terrible for us

When the sick and the lonely remain lonely

How terrible for us

When the little ones are hurt or ignored

How terrible for us

When the prisoner is deemed beyond redemption or love

How terrible for us

When we do not question laws that reward the strong and put down the weak

How terrible for us

When we know what we should do

And we walk the other way

How terrible for us, for we bring Godís anger upon ourselves and we walk into outer darkness. (based on Matthew 25)



Mark 9 v 38-50: The cost of following Jesus



God with us, you did not put us into the world alone

You gave us people to live beside to keep us company, to share skills and resources, to stop us from getting bored!

Thank you for good neighbours, people who are kind, people who are funny, people who notice if something is wrong, people we trust enough to leave our keys with.

God beside us, sometimes we donít like our neighbours, we canít really believe you meant them when you said, Ďlove your neighbours,í did you God? Not the nosey ones or the noisy ones, not the messy ones, not the ones whose children donít behave, whose dress and manners we donít like?

If you really do mean them, God weíre going to need your help. Help us not to be too quick to judge. Help us to hold out a hand in friendship, help us to remember that loving our neighbours is not what we feel but what we do! Amen


Personal Reflection

Inwhat sense is my faith personal but not private?

In what sense does my faith encourage child-like curiosity about God, the world and its people?

Am I really open to being surprised by the Jesus who subverts our expectations and preferences?




Gordon Presbytery - Congregational Number 331996 - Scottish Charity Number SC006056