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Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of Scotland

About Pitmedden Church

Pitmedden Parish Church

Inside Pitmedden Parish Church
built in 1864

today in 2004


Pitmedden Church was founded in 1843, although the church itself was built in 1864 and the first service, as the United Free Church of Udny was held in 1865. The founder Minister, Revd. George Archibald, was ordained in January 1844 and his long and faithful service is commemorated on a tablet on the right hand side of the front wall in the worship area.

The second tablet found on the left hand side of the front wall, was dedicated by the congregation and friends to the second minister Revd. George Abel.

The Stain Glass Triangular Window
The stain glass triangular window is situated in the top middle of the front wall in the worship area. This window was gifted by the Revd. George Archibald.

Pitmedden Church Stain Glass Triangular Window

The Communion Table
Pitmedden Church Communion Table

Memorial Plaque

The communion table is dedicated in memory of Revd. Galloway who was the last Minister in Pitmedden prior to the union with Udny Green in 1931.

The Union of Udny Green Church & Pitmedden Church

It was in 1931 that saw the union of the two churches, when it became known as it is today; Udny & Pitmedden Parish Church.

The Ministers of Udny & Pitmedden

Udny & Pitmedden Church
1931 - 1953 Rev. William McNutt
1955 - 1963 Rev. P.F.C. Black
1964 - 1977 Rev. Kenneth MacRae
1978 - 1984 Rev. Duane Armistead
1985 - 2004 Rev. George Robertson

2004 - 2010 Rev. Regine Cheyne
2010 - Pres Vacancy

The Big Refurbishment

Pitmedden Church Focal Cross

After the church was built in 1864, it remained unchanged until March 1993 when a Development Appeal began, which has since upgraded and transformed the Church. A massive £220K was raised and the work began. This refurbishment was completed in three phases.

Phase I - 1995 saw the demolition of the old vestry, purchase of land and the building extension at the rear of the church.

Phase II - Commenced shortly after phase I and involved repointing the exterior of the building, roof repairs and window repairs.

Phase III - Was when the internal works began, this consisted in adding the back reception area/crèche area, a meeting room, a kitchen and toilets.

The main worship area was also transformed with the removal of the old pews and the introduction of upholstered wooden chairs, the area was painted in bold colours, it included the addition of the main focal point a large wooden cross on the front wall, and a smaller cross is replicated on the rear wall. There was a new lighting system installed, underfloor heating & carpet and a new sound system which includes an inductive loop which delivers sound to the whole worship area and the back reception area.

The works were completed in 23rd December 2001, when a Rededication Service was held by Prof. Alan Main. This brings us to the Church we have today.

The Church Today

Thanks to the dedication of the Development Committee, Contractors, Church Members, Elders and our Minister, we have a Church that we are very proud of. It is now a flexible building and is a warm welcoming place to worship God.